How do homeowners qualify for Point?

The following are among the most important factors we look at when evaluating homeowners for Point:

  • you have a well maintained, qualified property in a neighborhood that has appreciation potential
  • you have a strong credit history or can show evidence of improving creditworthiness 
  • you have household income that covers your debt obligations (and some)
  • you have built up some equity in your home. After Point funding, you should still own at least 20% to 30% of the equity in your home. In certain cases, like when your property is a condo, your credit is impaired, or you already have a second loan/lien, we will require you own additional equity
  • you live in one of the areas where Point is currently available
  • we reach agreement with you on a fair value for your property
  • you will sell the home within the term of your Point Homeowner Agreement or you will be in a position to repay Point by the end of the term

If you want to find out if you qualify, simply click on the "Do I Qualify?" button on the  Point homepage.

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