How do homeowners qualify for a Point Home Equity Investment?

It takes two minutes to see if you pre-qualify for Point. Here are a few factors that we look at: 

  1. Your home. To qualify for Point, your home needs to be in an eligible market area, and your property value needs to be above $155,000.
  2. Your equity. You need to retain at least 20% of the equity in your home after Point's investment. In certain situations, Point may require more equity be retained by the homeowner. 
  3. Your credit profile. While Point is much more flexible about your credit than conventional home equity options, we will still review your credit history and may require a minimum credit score to qualify.
  4. Additional eligibility. Point does not currently offer HEI on commercial properties, properties with 5 or more acres, or if the property ownership is tenancy-in-common, LLC, or co-op. 

Get your pre-offer from Point and see how much you qualify for!

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