How is my property's value determined?

Determining the Initial Value

For your estimated offer, Point uses the self-reported value for your home. As we move forward, we'll retain a licensed and independent appraiser or, where appropriate, use some other property valuation product to determine the value of your home, known as the Appraised Value.

An adjustment is applied to the Appraised Value to set the starting value for the contract, called the Original Agreed Value.

Determining the Ending Value

When you're ready to pay Point back, there are a few options for determining the ending value. If you're selling your home, we'll simply use the sales price, as long as it is an arm’s length transaction and the sale value represents the full market value of the property. If you repay Point through a refinance or another source of cash, we'll determine the property's value using an appraisal, an AVM, or a broker price opinion (BPO).