Point Service Fee Schedule

This schedule provides general information on common service fees that could be associated with responding to various homeowner requests during the term of a Point Option Agreement.  The fees listed below are Point's service fees only and do not include any official fees, such as county-assessed recording fees.  Homeowner is responsible for all separate official fees.  The frequency of the costs will depend on how often services are requested or required, your default status, and both investor and legal requirements.

This schedule is not a complete list of all costs that could be assessed, and the costs listed below are subject to change. This schedule is provided for informational purposes only.

Type Description Amount Charged
Reconveyance Service Fee This is charged to cover the costs of preparing documents to release Point's claim on the Property.  $45
Payoff Demand Statement Beginning with the 5th request within the calendar year, this is charged when a payoff demand statement is prepared and delivered via email. $30
Subordination Fee This is charged when a request is made to acknowledge in writing that Point's position is junior to the interest of another lender on the Property.  $250
Changes to Title  This is a fee to cover costs incurred when changes are made to title. 
When a homeowner is added or removed from the title of the Property, the previously delivered homeowner agreements must be amended and signed again with a notary.  Certain of these amendments must be recorded.
Full Appraisal At the end of the Option Term, at an owner option repurchase, or during certain sales transactions, an appraisal may be required to determine the fair market value of the Property. $500 - $820
Administering Owner Events of Default  These are any fees that result from administering the homeowner's default process. $500 - $3,500 (estimated)

Current as of July 2015. Subject to change.

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