How much does Point cost?

To see how much Point might cost for your property, try out the  Point Homeowner Calculator.

Processing and Appraisal Fees

If you accept an offer from Point, we deduct a 3% processing fee and an escrow fee, typically between $450 and $650, from the amount we invest in your property. For example, if we make an investment of $100,000 and the escrow fee is $500, $3,500 would be deducted and you would receive $96,500. You will also cover the cost of an independent appraisal which is typically between $500 and $700. The appraisal and escrow costs may vary depending on the size, complexity, and location of the property. These costs are due to third parties.

Monthly Payments

There are no monthly payments associated with Point.

Final Repayment

When you sell your home, refinance, or when the term limit is reached (whichever is first), Point is repaid its original investment amount and a share of your home's appreciation. If the ending value is less than the original agreed value of the home, the amount you will pay Point may be less than the initial payment you receive now. To understand how much that might cost, you should model it out in the  Point Homeowner Calculator.

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